Private practice

Professional help in a calm environment

Why do I recommend my private practice?



My practice functions only on appointments. If you book an appointment, no other patients are expected to come.

We have sufficient time

I give appointments in a way that I should provide enough time to explore my patients, and for the planned therapeutical interventions. It may vary individually. That is why you cannot book an appointment through an online app. I manage my time based on my patients’ needs.

Individual, shared decision

My patients’ complaints, needs determine the way of treatment. I have had decades of experience in pharmacotherapy. I am trained in autogenic training, couple and family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, schema therapy and EMDR. I inform my patients about the possible treatment methods of their problems, and we choose together based on their preferences.


I inform my patients honestly about the nature of their problem, the mechanism of the treatment, its conditions (approximate time frame, frequency and number of sessions, treatment method, my and their tasks,responsibility during the therapy). I tell them honestly if i am not competent to help or they would benefit better from some other treatment method.

Have you got a question?

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