Online terapy

Psychotherapy through videochat

Online therapy

I may not be able to meet my patient personally for some reason. A patient already in therapy may have to travel or relocate due to work, education or other reasons, or cannot come to my office because of some problems. Most (not all!) psychotherapeutical methods may be led online as well. Sometimes I am asked to help from other countries. For some of my patients in-person psychotherapy is not available where they live. In these cases videochat consultation or therapy may be a good solution.


Available from any place

It’s ideal for those working abroad, or physically disabled.

Time sparing and flexible

The time spent for getting to the office can be saved, and the psychotherpeutical process is not discontinued in case of prolonged journeys.

Safe environment

Available, even if it is difficult for the patient to leave home or use means of transport.

By any device

Laptop, smartphone or tablet, different applications.

Help where you need it.

Have you got a question?

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