Katalin Tolvay M.D.
Private Practice in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

I deal with mood disorders, anxiety, mental problems caused by psychotrauma, applying different psychotherapeutical methods at my private practice, both in-person and online. Feel free to ask help from me.



I have been dealing with mental problems since completing medical university. First I worked in a psychiatric hospital ward, then after becoming a specialist I started my own private practice. Besides that I have taken part in education for decades. I teach psychiatry in gradual training for medical students, and psychotherapy at postgradual courses for medical doctors and psychologists. I am a trainer and supervisor in different psychotherapeutical methods. I live in Debrecen. I have three adult daughters. As my work is mentally and emotionally challenging, it’s important to pay attention to my wellbeing. In my spare time I like to travel, go on for sports, meet my family members and friends, visit theatre plays and concerts.

How do I work?

I am both a medical doctor and a therapist. It helps me to view my patients in a holistic way, and treat them individually based on their needs. I apply different treatment methods in my practice, pharmacotherapy, different psychotherapeutical methods and their combination.


My methods are able to treat a wide range of psychic problems, from interpersonal problems and adjustment disorders, entanglement to personality disorders.

EMDR treatment

EMDR is an efficient method in trauma reprocessing, a specific method of stimulation helps in reliefing and reintegrating traumatic experiences.


A wide range of mental disorders are treatable with different types of safe and effective medication.

Online therapy

I may not be able to meet my patient personally for some reason. A patient already in therapy may have to travel or relocate due to work, education or other reasons, or cannot come to my office because of some problems. Psychotherapeutical sessions may be led online as well.

  • available from any place: it’s ideal for those working abroad, or physically disabled.
  • time sparing and flexible: the time spent for getting to the office can be saved, and the psychotherpeutical process is not discontinued in case of prolonged jorneys.
  • safe environment: available, even if it is difficult for the patient to leave home or use means of transport.
  • by any device: laptop, smartphone or tablet, different applications.

Have you got a question?

Call or email me about further details!